Your Emoticons Won’t Save You

Your Emoticons Won't Save You - Ethan Nichtern

About the Book (a short novel with poetry):

Alex Bardo is witty, heartbroken, and lost. Going on 21, he is more interested in being the CEO of the Wannabe Poet’s Brigade than in his expensive education. Trying to find his way in the world after a debaucherous and painful summer of 1998 with his hyper-intellectual, trés annoying best friend Gabe, he sets out on a road trip to their childhood summer camp. Grabbing shotgun for the trip are his old camp friends, now all grown-up (sort of): Gideon the Player, Anthony the Traveling Man, and Lucas the Patron of Playtime. Alex is a true seeker and only a partial f-ck up: seeking spiritual aspirin to treat his perpetual hangover, seeking love, and seeking a mystical place called the “real world.”


“A charming coming-to-maturity romp in the post-modern highly peopled American landscape, engaging the endlessly inter-connected relationships and talk. A very human endeavor.” Anne Waldman, Author, Poet

Your Emoticons Won’t Save You is provocative, compelling, and somehow both timeless and totally right now. Let Ethan take you on this journey within and without.” Sharon Salzberg, NY Times Bestselling Author

“Student, teacher, author, activist, and now poet–Ethan is changing the world one seed syllable at a time. He shares his path through this new work in a way that helps us locate our own.” -Susan Piver, NY Times Bestselling Author

“Nichtern writes passionately and innovatively…His toolbox is deep and original…and his voice is resonant and refreshing.” Courtney E. Martin, The American Prospect


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