Your 2020 Aspirations

Dear Friends,

Whatever you are celebrating and whoever you are celebrating with, I hope the holidays are treating you well, and you are treating your own heartmind well, too.

At this time of year, I ask the students I work with personally to contemplate aspirations for the coming year, as a way to enter 2020 with a bit more clarity of intention. I thought I’d share the exercise with you in case it might be useful. This can be done as a contemplation period after a sitting session, a journaling session, or any other form of structured reflection you find useful in your practice.

It may be helpful to contemplate your aspiration on these two levels:

Outer: What is your plan for outer practice, study, courses, retreats, body practice, service work, political engagement, creative practice or other forms of dharma practice in 2020? What would you like to aspire towards informally, or formally commit to taking on this year?

Inner: What are you working with right now internally, in terms of kleshas (ie karmic hangups or destructive tendencies), and what are you working with in terms of insights and positive tendencies you have cultivated thus far in your practice which you would like to take farther this year?

In other news, registration is filling for the 2020 Yearlong Buddhist Studies (at Now Yoga in NYC on Wed evenings and online wherever you are). Introductory workshops begin January 8 and the full course launches Jan 22.

Also, for those with a bit more practice and study experience, you can join our Intermediate Buddhist Studies, a monthly online sangha on the last Saturday of each month.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these courses, including study content, payment plans, and financial concerns. 

May your aspirations be fulfilled in 2020 and beyond,

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