Help Me Down The Home Stretch!

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I'm writing this in my capacity as Interdependence Project board member. If the below is not something you can help with, please disregard! We are engaging in a year end fundraising campaign to reach $30,000 for putting ourselves in a great position to start 2014. I have personally never felt more confident about our leadership or where we stand as an organization. We have a great executive director, Kim Brown, and a dedicated Board, and an amazing community, both online and in person. Hope you can check out a class in the new year. Due to a few generous teaching gifts I received recently, I was personally able to give $1000 to IDP this year, which felt great to do on behalf of awesome students. I have personally committed to raising $3000 more in the last 6 days of the year, as we are just about $6000 shy of the

Wealth is Not The Problem, Greed is The Problem

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(cross posted on the Interdependence Project blog - follow Ethan on Facebook or Twitter) Since the decline of Occupy Wall Street as a major social and media phenomenon, the notion of wealth inequality has sort of dropped off my personal political and moral radar.  Then a friend sent me this video below the other day. It's a tutorial on wealth inequality in America. It's pretty amazing to have things demonstrated  visually for me. It really reopened my eyes. (more…)