Ethan occasionally accepts a limited number of new one-on-one private students.  He works individually with private students to develop, guide, and incorporate their meditation training, study, and life paths.  All levels are welcome;  the only requirement is a sincere intention to practice and learn the Dharma, and a commitment to work together for a minimum of 6 months.

Ethan Nichtern Private Sessions

Private Student Services include:

– Monthly (every four weeks) one-hour meetings in NYC or remotely via Skype or other online app, with a minimum commitment of up to 6 months of meetings to insure your path has clarity, consistency and rigor.

Ethan is committed to making his time available to all who are genuinely interested in the teachings. Rates for private students are available upon request, and one-time meetings are available as Ethan’s schedule allows.  Please contact Ethan’s assistant at for further information.

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