March 2020 Online Workshops

Join Ethan Nichtern and Maho Kawachi for two online workshops before the second course of Year-Long Buddhist Studies. Registration is $25 in advance.

Free for those registered for the upcoming Buddhist Studies Course or the Yearlong Program. Please reach out to with any questions.

Wed Mar 18 – 7-9pm | Being A Buddhist with Ethan Nichtern

In modern secular life, we don’t always identify with labels. We can practice mindfulness and study Buddhism without calling ourselves anything. But there is a point where a student takes on the Buddhist path as a lifelong companion by taking a formal vow of Refuge in the three jewels. This night is a chance to practice and discuss what it means to actually become a Buddhist, rather than just being “Buddh-ish.”

Wed March 25 – 7-9pm | Deep Mindfulness with Maho Kawachi

A full two-hour workshop dedicated to revisiting the importance of our meditation practice. Maho Kawachi will guide students through shamatha, walking meditation, and R.A.I.N.