Ep. 36 of The Road Home Podcast – Practicing In The World As It Is

On this episode of The Road Home, Ethan Nichtern offers some thoughts on working with anxiety and fear, and how we can continue practicing in the world as it is during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Practicing In The World As It Is

How can we continue practicing in the midst of this world in the grasp of a global pandemic? Ethan explores how we can look at our quarantine experiences as a kind of retreat on managing our relationships. He talks about how hard it can be to meditate at a time like this, and offers some tips for those who are not comfortable with a sitting meditation practice right now.

“If you had to really sum it up, meditation is not the practice of stopping your resistance, but it’s actually the practice of studying your resistance. So it’s okay if you’re having a lot of resistance either from within yourself or from external factors.” – Ethan Nichtern

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