Ep. 16 of The Road Home Podcast: Reconnecting Body and Mind with Dan Cayer

Ethan Nichtern is joined by teacher, writer and speaker Dan Cayer for a conversation about what is possible when we bring the body and mind into balance.

After developing a chronic pain condition, Dan Cayer used to dial a phone with his nose. His return from illness and pain, and his journey of openness and kindness is the subject of his forthcoming book, Don’t Get Better. Trained as a meditation and Alexander Technique teacher, Dan regularly leads workshops, retreats, and private consultations in New York City and the Hudson Valley. Learn more about Dan and his offerings here: dancayerfluidmovement.com

Reconnecting Body and Mind

Dan shares his journey of bouncing back from a chronic condition that left him disabled and suffering. He describes how the combination of meditation and a process known as the Alexander Technique allowed his body to heal and be brought back into tune with his mind.

“The Alexander Technique became this thread of my recovery, one of the few things that were really helping with my pain and disability. It was one of the few things that brought relief to my nervous system. The Alexander Tequnique is not like physical therapy. It is not doing three sets of ten that you can be watching the news while you are doing. There is this real sense of a mind-body connection.” – Dan Cayer

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