What To Do When People Annoy You

Leonardo-Di-Caprio-titanic-17788838-320-435I just found this podcast of a lecture I gave at the Weekly Dharma Gathering at Shambhala NYC from back in the spring “What To Do When People Annoy You.” Obviously, it is some of my thoughts on what the Buddhist teachings and Shambhala teachings have to say about working with difficult people. In the Tibetan tradition, our most annoying person is called the Bengali Tea Boy. There is a whole story behind that, and it has nothing to do with people from the region of Bengal, nor does it have to do with coffee-lovers hating on tea-lovers. I used to joke when I taught a college course that Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic was my personal Tea-Boy. That didn’t go over too well with the young ladies in the class. Thankfully, after all these years my practice has helped me overcome my distaste for dear Leo.

I’m really looking forward to fall dharma classes starting up this week, Monday at the Interdependence Project and Tuesday at Shambhala NYC. I hope to see New Yorkers this week, and if not, I think I will see you on the internets.

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