Vogue Magazine Meditation Story

sally singer, vogue meditation, vogue, kimye, buddhism, ethan nichtern, slavoj zizekSeveral months back I gave a few meditation lessons to Vogue magazine editor Sally Singer. No, it’s not in the Kimye issue, I just can’t get enough of that couple. 🙂

Sally wrote an article about her meditation practice and our conversations about Buddhism in the modern world for Vogue.com. She compared me to both Paul Auster and Paul Rudd. I’ll take it.

While the visual that shows for the online article is a little, well…hmmm…, Sally was a very serious student and journalist and it was a total pleasure to work with her. Check out the article and let me know what you think.

The so-called “mindful revolution” continues…

One thought on “Vogue Magazine Meditation Story

  1. I can really tell from the article that the author was serious and committed.

    I just love the 10 minutes – no matter what, approach. It’s so approachable.

    As for the photo, I’m just going to say she’s a very beautiful woman and the photographer is very skilled and leave it at that.

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