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The Road HomeDear Friends,

The Road Home book tour continues tonight (Wed June 3) in Denver, tomorrow night (Thurs June 4) in Boulder, and Friday (June 5) in Austin, TX.

Again, the book is now available in hardcover at both chain and independent bookstores, in all ebook formats, and as an audio book via Audible.com.

I am so thankful for all the kind emails I have received about the book, as well as all the kind feedback left on sites like GoodreadsAmazon, and others. Thank you for reading, for your kind words (and the occasional insightful critique, as well!)

Also, I will be coleading another summer online course with the fabulous Sharon Salzberg in July. The topic: Dealing with Emotions. Each week Sharon and I will tackle one key emotion (like Fear, Desire, Grief, and Anger), with contemplative tools, meditation practices, and both traditional and modern insights into working with it. Hope you can join.

All best wishes as your summer begins,

New Highlights!

  • Portland Radio: Ethan interviewed about The Road Home on KBOO 90.7FM
  • Tricycle Magazine: Online Lecture and Retreat with Ethan: “Overcoming Spiritual Bypassing”
  • Vice Interview: Ethan discusses The Road Home, the fragmentation of modern life, and whether or not millennial really are self-obsessed.
  • Business Insider InterviewEthan Discusses becoming comfortable with the discomforts of being a human.
  • FSG’s Work in Progress: Ethan and Maud Newton investigate the metaphor of “the path” and the effect of mediation on the creative process.
  • Shambhala Times Interview: Ethan discusses vulnerability, “the ethics of right now,” and what makes The Road Home a different kind of dharma book
  • Reality Sandwich: Interview in which we discuss 21st century Buddhism, ayahuasca ceremonies, McMindfulness, and Slavoj Zizek.
  • Indie Spiritualist Podcast: Interview with Chris Grosso about The Road Home

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