Thank You, Bernie.

Birdie Sanders, Bernie Sanders, Thank you BernieIt seems exceedingly clear that Hillary Clinton will end up being the best choice for President. Congratulations to all my friends who said ‪#‎ImWithHer‬. I strongly disagree with my friends who voted for Bernie (or tried to vote for Bernie, in my case in the NYC voter disaster) but are questioning whether or not to vote for Hillary in the general election. For me, the skillful means of supporting her right now feels very clear. I think there is a good chance she will make an excellent president.

However, just FYI and BTW, I’m also going to support a thousand more Bernies in the future, and not just in politics, but in art, in dharma, in my colleagues and friends, everywhere. Hopefully many of these Bernies will be less white, less male, and a bit more able to follow their breath, but they are the only ones who can really speak through the libertarian fog which has come to define America’s view of itself and its culture. America’s version of Capitalism-on-Steroids must transform into a more compassionate market system if we are going to actually value the lives of more than just a very few catastrophically wealthy people, and if the planet is going to survive the 21st century in anything close to a healthy manner. It really feels that simple. Thank you Bernie, for your part in awakening the country from this awful fog of neurotic individualism. Most of your critics ended up revealing more about their own cynicism regarding human society than actually critiquing your mostly wonderful ideals.

And yes, I’m with her, now.

2 thoughts on “Thank You, Bernie.

  1. Hi Ethan,
    I really like this piece of writing and it fits very much with what I have been thinking and feeling. I love how you said you plan to support the Bernies of the future. This seemed like a very heartfelt statement. I’m just curious, what did you mean by “hopefully they will bless white and less male”? Your meaning wasn’t clear to me. Thanks!

  2. hi, just arrived here for the first time, surprised there’s no comments. Lovely post – yes, Hillary will make an excellent president, and if the Bernie folks (not bros – male and female, white and black, young and old, all y’all) stop focusing on the presidency and start acting in their local communities, counties, and states, perhaps she’ll have enough support to really get something done.

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