Every Muppet Needs To Go On Retreat!

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(Follow Ethan on Facebook or Twitter) OK, It's been a full year so far. The new book took a lot of work. Teaching is always a pleasure. It's been draining and exciting. Now I'm taking Kermit's lead and taking the next 9 days to deepen my practice. Partially, I have to, since I have certain practice requirements to attend annual group retreat with my teacher, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche each year. As I discussed last night, having a teacher is a great thing, because they keep you honest and accountable for your practice. Partly, I want to go. My schedule will consist of two long meditation sessions each day, some shorter ones, a yoga practice, and reading. I will be leaving the social network behind. Retreat, especially a solitary one, is an amazing practice of self-care. I can't wait. Of course, if you haven't done a group intensive retreat, I'd start

Why I Write

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My new book, Your Emoticons Won't Save You, came out with a very limited release on my website as a print copy and as an ebook. We had very few advanced readers, so I'm just starting to hear what people think of it now. The early readers' reviews are amazing to receive. And then I got this long multi-parted text message earlier this week from a dear old friend, another NYC native: "I just finished your book. I read it in one sitting without meaning to. You took me there, brother. I was right back all up in it. I finished the last chapter like running off a cliff - shocked that the story was over. Mazel Tov! It's a super fun, nostalgic read that comes across as snarky and meaningful at the same time - just like the early 20's characters themselves. Whooph. Now I'm going over the last