The Dharma of Nintendo: What My Mind Feels Like Today

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This is what my mind feels like today, a day of training and preparing. I'm spending this final day off before a very busy December working on writing, yoga, and meditation. May you have a very restful and constructive day. May we all find the middle path between being a zombie and a totally stressed-out ball of anxiety. Also, may the Dharma of Nintendo be uncovered, and may I ever remain a child of the 1980s. If you get the visual reference, you can also be dubbed a child of the nintendo generation. Follow Ethan on:  

I’m So Excited About The Sakyong’s Visit I Made A Youtube Video.

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No, but seriously... Follow on  

Every Muppet Needs To Go On Retreat!

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(Follow Ethan on Facebook or Twitter) OK, It's been a full year so far. The new book took a lot of work. Teaching is always a pleasure. It's been draining and exciting. Now I'm taking Kermit's lead and taking the next 9 days to deepen my practice. Partially, I have to, since I have certain practice requirements to attend annual group retreat with my teacher, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche each year. As I discussed last night, having a teacher is a great thing, because they keep you honest and accountable for your practice. Partly, I want to go. My schedule will consist of two long meditation sessions each day, some shorter ones, a yoga practice, and reading. I will be leaving the social network behind. Retreat, especially a solitary one, is an amazing practice of self-care. I can't wait. Of course, if you haven't done a group intensive retreat, I'd start