Sad Geography Lessons: How I’ve Learned The Names of Too Many Mid-East Cities

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(*Note: Petition Link added: Tell Congress not to Authorize Bombing Syria) Let's face it; a lot of us don't feel so talented about our geography skills. It is a stereotype of American stupidity that we are all bad at geography, but for me there is a fair amount of truth to this stereotype. In fact, it might only be thanks to my Google Maps iPhone application that I know where I am in the world right now, rather than any real intelligence on my part. But I came to an interesting realization last night while reading news of Syria and President Obama's decision to seek approval from Congress: I often only learn the names of Middle-East cities when we are preparing to bomb them, or just after we've attacked them. This has been true for me since 1990. When operation Desert Storm happened at the beginning of 1991, I was 12