Gold Star Meditation: How do we properly reward practice?

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(follow Ethan on Facebook or Twitter) Many friends and I have all checked out this great smartphone app called Insight Timer, which lets you keep really good track of meditation sessions and connect with other meditators around the world. IDP has several online groups on this application including the one called Daily Sit IDP, which already has a lot of members, which have come together very quickly. If you have the app, please join our group. One of the more interesting features of the application is that it includes "milestones". Milestones are ways that we can chart our progress for consecutive days of practice, or total days that we practice. Milestones are good motivators, and it seems very useful to always have an intention or aspiration with practice. In fact, the milestones give you gold and green stars for achieving goals, in terms of how consistently we are able to hit the cushion.

Warning: Meditation Makes You More Politically Liberal!

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-cross posted on the Interdependence Project blog - -follow Ethan on Facebook or Twitter- Big News: A new study from the University of Toronto claims that meditation makes individuals more politically liberal in their outlook and actions. Although it is just one study, this research is incredibly interesting, and brings sharply into focus some of the work on which the Interdependence Project is based. (photo of IDP sangha during Occupy Wall Street in 2011) (more…)