Putting My Money Where My Heart Is

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I think that in a free-market economy, one of the greatest ways that a Buddhist can practice skillful means is being mindful, really mindful, with where we put our money. I just became a member of the Interdependence Project. This may be a strange thing to do, because I founded the organization. But it felt completely necessary. We are having a members meeting on May 4th, and I wanted to be able to attend. I am also a member of my local Shambala Center, as well as an employee there. The cost especially in American cities of nonprofit organizations operating and serving others is skyrocketing. We need support here, and it should start with me. So I decided to find $40 per month that I could take from my coffee budget (lots of other folks are find $20 per month). It may mean making more coffee at home, or even

All. In. This. Together. Sandy, The Elections, and Everything After

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Last month, my dear friend, author, and generally awesome lady Susan Piver asked me to write something before Tuesday's US elections about overcoming "Us vs Them" mentality. She wrote a great, thoughtful post here. If there was ever a collision of events to force a needed discussion of how to overcome "Us Vs Them" mentality, it is a horrific and unprecedented superstorm striking a week before what is possibly the nastiest, and definitely the most destructively expensive election in history. This past week in NYC was nothing short of heartbreaking, bizarre and yes, amazing. On the external level, I tried my best to be a Bodhisattva, a helpful guy, in my Brooklyn Bourgeois way. Having to cancel an excursion to Ohio to help with the Obama campaign efforts where two of my closest friends are working their butts off as field organizers, I instead stayed stranded, welcomed 20-30 refugees from the

Message to The Shambhala New York Community (As Well As The NY-area Interdependence Project Community, and Everyone Else)

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Photo from Instagram of Empire State Building Lit During Blackout  (power in Manhattan is expected back Friday Night or Saturday - other places may not be so lucky) Dearest Friends, Greetings from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where the lights are on and many Manhattan refugees are gathering for showers, coffee, and cellphone charging. It feels like this is such a crucial time for us to connect however we can as a sangha. If there is any message I take from these incredible days, it is a powerful reminder that we are ALL in this together - this sangha, this city, this region, this planet. Over the past 72 hours I've connected with so many dear friends in this community  - via phone, text, email, Facebook and Twitter. These connections take on new meaning at a time like this - imbued with a vividness, a warmheartedness, a true human connection that we strive to uncover