Love This Quote…

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While prepping the syllabus for my  fall online course via Interdependence Project, The Journey of Relationships, I came across this quote from the Karmapa (head of a major Tibetan Buddhist lineage) on his Facebook page about taking responsibility for our part in relationships: (more…)

Warning: Meditation Makes You More Politically Liberal!

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-cross posted on the Interdependence Project blog - -follow Ethan on Facebook or Twitter- Big News: A new study from the University of Toronto claims that meditation makes individuals more politically liberal in their outlook and actions. Although it is just one study, this research is incredibly interesting, and brings sharply into focus some of the work on which the Interdependence Project is based. (photo of IDP sangha during Occupy Wall Street in 2011) (more…)

New Talks by Ethan on the Shambhala Podcast

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Hey friends, my latest free recorded podcast talk from a few months back, "What is Enlightened Society?" was just posted on the podcast of Shambhala NYC. A few other talks are also available at the main link. For a more in-depth online study experience, I am looking forward to teaching a six week course with two Buddhist psychologists in a few weeks, "Spiritual Awakening NOT Spiritual Bypassing" at the Interdependence Project. Should be a really awesome course, with a really great group. Glad we can make this stuff available online, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to find sangha in person. Enjoy! (Follow Ethan on Twitter and Facebook)