New Podcast: Dealing With Guilt

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(follow Ethan on Facebook or Twitter) It seems so important to talk about working with guilt. In this new podcast from the Interdependence Project, I got to talk about the Four Powers, a simple Mahayana and Vajrayana teaching on how to develop healthy remorse for past mistakes without falling into the unhealthy traps of guilt and shame. From the website: "Recorded live at IDP in NYC in February 2013, Shastri Ethan Nichtern discusses the nature of guilt, why it's so prevalent in our culture, and how we can transform it from a hindrance into a support for our practice and intentions." You may subscribe to IDP podcasts at this link or via iTunes at this link.   The Interdependence Project is supported by the generosity of its Members.  Become a member or make a donation today!"

Guilt is Totally Useless

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(Follow Ethan on Facebook and Twitter - crossposted on Interdependence Project blog) I am really looking forward to tonight's class at the ID project: Why Guilt is Useless. I am hoping that eventually it will be available as a podcast, either on the IDP podcast or on my own website in the near future. (more…)