A Buddhist Guide To Surviving The Holidays: Four Practices

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(follow Ethan on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram) Let's face it, sometimes the holidays just…suck. Maybe that's not the most Buddhist way of saying it, but it is how it feels. Even more than in past years, friends and students are reporting feeling stress and foreboding right now. To be honest, I’m feeling a sense of burden and anxiety, too, that strange feeling when there’s too much to do and not any clear sense of intention behind the doing of it. This holiday season has given me reason to pause and think about what really matters. And guess what, it's neither black Friday nor cyber Monday. (more…)

Buy Nothing Day!

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After a Thanksgiving day in which many workers were forced to work instead of having a holiday with their families, today is the traditional "Black Friday." I posted a fake quote of the Buddha on my Facebook and Twitter feeds decrying Black Friday as a "bad idea." While not a direct quote (I'm always shocked when we take these things too seriously), I feel pretty confident he would have agreed. (more…)