Screw Resolutions, What Are Your 2014 Aspirations?

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Here is a practice I often give to my private Dharma students at the end of each year as we contemplate the year ahead. The difference between a resolution and an aspiration is that a resolution usually lasts only for the first few days of the year, if that. An aspiration is Buddhism's codeword for a long-term intention that we return to again and again and again. An ¬†aspiration forms the basis for a complete life path, not just a fad or impulsive decision. I'll be talking about this in NYC on January 7 at the first Weekly Dharma gathering of the year at the Shambhala center. Read on if you would like to engage in this contemplative and journaling practice as you prepare for 2014. I would do ¬†this practice in three steps. (more…)