Message to The Shambhala New York Community (As Well As The NY-area Interdependence Project Community, and Everyone Else)

(power in Manhattan is expected back Friday Night or Saturday – other places may not be so lucky)

Dearest Friends,

Greetings from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where the lights are on and many Manhattan refugees are gathering for showers, coffee, and cellphone charging. It feels like this is such a crucial time for us to connect however we can as a sangha. If there is any message I take from these incredible days, it is a powerful reminder that we are ALL in this together – this sangha, this city, this region, this planet. Over the past 72 hours I’ve connected with so many dear friends in this community  – via phone, text, email, Facebook and Twitter. These connections take on new meaning at a time like this – imbued with a vividness, a warmheartedness, a true human connection that we strive to uncover in meditation practice. The poignancy of this moment is that at times like this, we don’t have to work to uncover our heart, because the tragedy uncovers Bodhicitta for us. The tragedy itself IS open-heartedness. We just need to be willing to stay with the tenderness that reveals itself when nature forces us to connect with our own humanity and the humanity of others. It is a heartbreaking time, but a ripe time for practicing, connecting with each other, and helping those who need it as much as we possibly can. I hope everyone, and all of your loved ones, are safe. I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.
-Please leave a comment and let me know how you are.

-Ethan Nichtern, Shastri

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