Mad Max: Fury Road – A One Paragraph “Buddhist” Film Review

Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road has incredibly brilliant art direction, great casting, and an amazing cultural vision. It was made by some seriously talented people, which probably accounts for its 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It also includes great feminist themes. But by the last super-repetitive fight/chase scene, I was profoundly bored by the silly violence and lack of story (spoiler alert: we chase you for a while, then we chase you back the way we all came, thus pretty much repeating all the fight scenes that already happened). During the boredom that always overtakes me when writers don’t know that they have other choices than to heap violence upon violence, the thought arose in my mind: “maybe if we spent less time and money (billions of dollars) on apocalypse stories, we could put those resources to use…you know…making sure the apocalypse doesn’t happen. Imagine that.” Quite a hypocritical thought for someone who paid good money to see the movie and actually profoundly enjoyed its aesthetic vision, but the thought was there nonetheless. If climate change really does destroy our society, the future historians who study us 1000 years from now are going to think that spending all our money making apocalyptic movies right before the sh-t hit the fan was quite a hilariously ironic choice.  The flame throwing guitarist, however, was awesome. 🙂


One thought on “Mad Max: Fury Road – A One Paragraph “Buddhist” Film Review

  1. I went to see this movie for Charlize Theron. She did not disappoint, but the movie sure did. Killing the woman pregnant with the monster’s baby and the transforming boy epitomized the lack of subtlety that marked this movie from start to end. I like your review. Fact is when people make new choices, things often work out better for them than they do for the aforementioned hapless characters. And I liked the growth between the two main characters. “Max! Max! My name is Max!” I liked that moment. And I understood the final eye contact between them, but I woulda loved to see this guy take a few steps more toward a meaningful relationship with a woman amputee who knows how to take care of herself. Of course, in Hollywood terms, CharlizeTheron is too old to get laid in a movie. Sure she can rule the world of Fury Road, but that’s cold comfort. Oh, and I do love the granny lady with the long ringlets. But that whole dang thing is just too serious. Sure we sacrifice and we leave legacy seeds for others to plant, but we also have a wonderful time working together and learning how to get along with each other. Let’s show that in the next Hollywood blockbuster. Let’s laugh at life, and get the cosmic joke!

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