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Karmapa Facebook, Ethan Nichtern, online meditation course, online buddhism course, study dharma, autumn, interdependence projectWhile prepping the syllabus for my  fall online course via Interdependence Project, The Journey of Relationships, I came across this quote from the Karmapa (head of a major Tibetan Buddhist lineage) on his Facebook page about taking responsibility for our part in relationships:

“It is clear that faults never lie exclusively on one side of a relationship. For this reason, if we are serious about forging relationships that work, we must also recognize our own faulty attitudes, and work on them. When we commit to identifying our own faults and transforming our own mind, then and only then are healthy relationships possible.” –Karmapa

Really looking forward to this class. I’ll be giving folks a bit of a sneak peak of the ideas in the 2nd section of my new book, The Road Home.  I’m hoping we will take a real “in the field “approach to applying Buddhist philosophy and psychology to our real human relationships. So if you feel like joining an awesome group of students Monday nights in NYC starting September 16, or whenever and wherever you are in the world Online, please do. Otherwise, I hope you are building practice and sangha into your autumn. If we don’t take time for practice and study, it just won’t happen (ok, guilt trip now over…)

Weekly Topics of 6 Week Course (readings will be announced on Sep 6 to all enrolled in the course).

Week of Sep 16 – Taking Responsibility for your Karma

Week of Sep 23 – Where I End And You Begin: How The Experience of Subject and Object affects Relationship

Week of Sep 30 – Spiritual Bypassing: What Nonduality Means, And What it Doesn’t

Week of Oct 7 – Learning How To Listen: 7 Whole Days of Right Speech

Week of Oct 14 –  Good Boundaries: Compassion, Idiot Compassion, and Knowing the Difference

Week of Oct 21 – Looking Up To Someone: Relationship with A Teacher/Mentor

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Photo from Karmapa’s Facebook Page

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