I’m SICK and TIRED of Sentient Beings – I’m Opening A Casino

Casino April Fool's

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I woke up this morning, April 1, and suddenly realized that I am totally sick and tired of being mindful. I am also sick and tired of sentient beings. I mean there’s just so many of them, and they have so many damn problems. I decided that I should follow my heart, or at least follow $$$$ signs, and so I’m opening a casino. Maybe Vegas, maybe on some Native American reservation. I think slots are my favorite game, but I also enjoy roulette and blackjack. Anyways, so long suckers. I’m sick of the Dharma, sick of Buddhism, sick of mindfulness, sick of enlightened society ,sick of trying to live well, sick of trying to benefit myself and others. I am out of here. I hope you will all come to my casino, where the odds will always be in the house’s favor,  and fund my retirement someplace warm, where nobody has to be present at all.

One thought on “I’m SICK and TIRED of Sentient Beings – I’m Opening A Casino

  1. Certainly there was a mahasiddha that ran a Casino. If the celibate monk (who is depicted flying through the air in union with his consort), the thief, the whore and the perfect housewife could make their lives drubthab (method of realization) then why not a casino operator? Its entirely about your motivation. One of your games could be roulette wheel of samsara. You could have a teaching about being “all in”. Hell that’s the whole point of drubthab is being ALL in. If you’re only a thief for your own stingy selfish motivations, that’s one thing, but if you steal everything everywhere for the benefit of everyone, then Bob’s your uncle.

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