Help Me Down The Home Stretch!

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I’m writing this in my capacity as Interdependence Project board member. If the below is not something you can help with, please disregard!
We are engaging in a year end fundraising campaign to reach $30,000 for putting ourselves in a great position to start 2014. I have personally never felt more confident about our leadership or where we stand as an organization. We have a great executive director, Kim Brown, and a dedicated Board, and an amazing community, both online and in person. Hope you can check out a class in the new year.
Due to a few generous teaching gifts I received recently, I was personally able to give $1000 to IDP this year, which felt great to do on behalf of awesome students. I have personally committed to raising $3000 more in the last 6 days of the year, as we are just about $6000 shy of the overall goal (80% home!).
 Pretty awesome.
I’m trying to get a group of friends to give between $50-$500 each in the last days of the year to get us over the top. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of law, and all that good stuff.
 Thanks again so much for your practice and generosity.
All best wishes, E

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