Great New Dimensions Radio Interview About The Road Home, Tantric Philosophy Webcast Begins Tonight!

Justine Willis Toms, New Dimensions, Ethan Nichtern, The Road HomeI am very much looking forward to teaching my first live webcast course for the Interdependence Project. The course is tonight at 7-9PM eastern time, but you can also follow along anytime by watching or listening to the recording and following the reading list and online discussion board. Check it out.

Back in May when I was touring for The Road Home in the Bay Area, I had the opportunity to speak with Justine Willis Toms of the popular and widely syndicated New Dimensions radio. They just released the interview today. It was easily one of my favorite interviews about the new book. Had read the book thoroughly and arrived with almost 30 pages of notes. Talk about an honor to be asked about  my book and the Buddhist path by someone who had been so thorough with my work. I hope you can give it a listen. New dimensions is carried on many radio stations but the easiest way is to just listen on their website.


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