Every Muppet Needs To Go On Retreat!

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OK, It’s been a full year so far. The new book took a lot of work. Teaching is always a pleasure. It’s been draining and exciting.

Now I’m taking Kermit’s lead and taking the next 9 days to deepen my practice. Partially, I have to, since I have certain practice requirements to attend annual group retreat with my teacher, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche each year. As I discussed last night, having a teacher is a great thing, because they keep you honest and accountable for your practice. Partly, I want to go. My schedule will consist of two long meditation sessions each day, some shorter ones, a yoga practice, and reading. I will be leaving the social network behind.

Retreat, especially a solitary one, is an amazing practice of self-care. I can’t wait. Of course, if you haven’t done a group intensive retreat, I’d start with some of those. As one of my dharma brothers and great mentors, Acharya Adam Lobel likes to say when he is away, “Please Enjoy My Absence!” I also like to say peace, and mean it.

(photo courtesy of my friend Helen Carter).

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