Discount for Sakyong Mipham program in NYC for IDP Members

Gathering-GoodnesseditedDear IDP friends, I’m really happy to announce that I’ve worked out with Ericka Phillips, the executive director of Shambhala New York, an IDP members discount on my teacher Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s visit to the city November 8 and 9.
I am on faculty for the weekend, and it should be a magical event, but I think it’s probably also going to sell out.
It’s $190 instead of $250 for IDP members, but you have to buy your ticket by Oct 15.

 Click “Enter promotional code” at the end of the Ticket Information (before “Order Now”). 

If you are an IDP Member, email to receive the promotional code to enter.

You can become an IDP member here

 If you would like to attend, and this is still prohibitive for you, please contact and she will pass your info along to the folks at Shambhala NYC for scholarship requests.
I really hope you can clear your schedule and make it, this is going to be a great event. All my very best wishes, Ethan Nichtern, Shastri

One thought on “Discount for Sakyong Mipham program in NYC for IDP Members

  1. What a wonderful idea for a ginvig campaign! I love how this ties our livelihood directly to how we want to support enlightened society. For me, it’s especially helpful to have the contemplations as a tool for encouraging mindfulness at work. We can all benefit from being conscious about how time and money are spent. This year I’m doing The Contract , a practice in which you buy nothing new for a year. It has made me much more aware of spending habits and urges. And, I’m spending less, so I can give a little more.It’s my good fortune to work for Shambhala Online I love this work and I’m constantly humbled by the experience. Some days it feels like SO is a beautiful, healthy sprout, but Wow! there’s so much growing to do! It’s a pleasure to donate a day of work to the mandala. Thank you for this opportunity! Dixie Good

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