Defining Home in 140 Characters or Less: The Road Home in Paperback!

The Road Home in paperback

With The Road Home just out in paperback, we asked people to define “Home” in tweet-able sized portions.

We quickly ran out of paperbacks to give away, but you can order them from wherever books are sold, or by following this link.

There were a lot of profound answers, not many with a sense of humor, but that’s ok.
Here are just a few of the responses we received:

“Feet find ground, heart space flourishes, popcorn.”
-Lisa, New York

“When you can’t hold on any more,
when you’ve white-knuckled it for far too long,
letting go feels like coming home.”
-Shannon, Illinois

“The place we keep returning to.”
-Frank, Dublin, Ireland 

“It’s not where you live but how you choose to live!”
Cecilia, New Hampshire

“Home is the right attitude that you hold in your heart, not an actual place found on a map.”
-Deborah, New York

“A hearth of the heart – where each new threshold offers an invitation & affirmation that life needed us & wanted us to be – filled with creativity, courage & compassion”
-Ro, Missouri

“Home is the place where the love I send out reflects back to me with fewest obstructions.”
Michael, New York

“Home is this moment.”
-Jaysen, California

“Home is the place where we celebrate the present moment, drop everything on the spot and relax”
-Nich, location unknown

‘Home is the place where I know exactly where to hang my son’s latest drawing of an octopus saying “A good day for a pipe”‘
-Ditte, Denmark

“Home: when I fully trust the moment, and, one breath at a time, myself in it.”
-Mary, California

“Home is knowing that there is a way to continue on no matter what.”
-Vivian, New York

“A place of calm, from where I observe the world. Peering through the dusty windows of my mind.”
-Ray, location unknown

“Because you live HERE, you’re home already.”
-Carolyn, New York

“Home is replenish, restore, exhale, no striving, no fabrication, simply being, hearth and heart, eat, sleep, sit, read, be nourished, laugh, cry”
-Elisabeth, Nova Scotia

“Home is not a place. Home is this messy, well-lived-in open-hearted being that I inhabit. Always striving to keep the lights on and the welcome mat well swept.”
-Karen, New York

“Home is every mindful detour to retrieve breath and gratitude on an otherwise mindless commute.”
-Brendan, location unknown

“Pause, breathe in, breathe out. Mind calm, body relaxed. I am home. I have come home to myself.”
-Catherine, location unknown

“Home: the place where you are free and renewed, where you forgive and are forgiven.”
-Kestrel, Massachusetts





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