Dealing With Emotions – 8 Week Summer Course with Ethan and Sharon Salzberg!

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On behalf of Ethan, who is on his way to speak at the Wanderlust festival about The Road Home, we wanted to make sure you knew about the awesome online course (downloads and discussion begin July 9) that Sharon Salzberg and Ethan will be teaching via The Interdependence Project this July and August, “Dealing with Emotions.” Each week will offer meditations, tools, and Buddhist teachings on one key human emotion Again, these courses can be taken at your own pace once you download each lecture. See other news below.

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Robby Caplan (Ethan’s assistant)

Dealing with Emotions – An 8 Week Online Only Class with Ethan Nichtern & Sharon Salzberg
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This course is only available online. Audio lectures will be posted online each Thursday no later than 7pm. The recordings are in mp3 format and may be streamed from the website or downloaded to listen to at your convenience.

This special course brings together two of our favorite Buddhist teachers, Sharon Salzberg and Ethan Nichtern, for another engaging and insightful summer class only at IDP! Ethan and Sharon will provide practical ways for you to understand and work with your emotions, and explain how we can relate to our experiences with compassion and wisdom. We’ll be using readings from both The Road Home and Lovingkindness during this unique series.

Course Readings:
The Road Home by Ethan Nichtern
Lovingkindness by Sharon Salzberg
Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach

Class 1 (downloads begin July 9)
– What Are Emotions? A Buddhist Approach
Class 2 – What is Desire?
Class 3 – What is Anger?
Class 4 – What is Fear?
Class 5 – What is Sadness?
Class 6 – What is Jealousy?
Class 7 – What is Greed?
Class 8 – What is Love?

One thought on “Dealing With Emotions – 8 Week Summer Course with Ethan and Sharon Salzberg!

  1. Is this 8 week course on Dealing with Emotions still available? Or, will it be made available again? I would be interested in participating. I have never had anyone beyond the author of a book to learn from. A real live person would be tremendous!

    thank you,

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