Buy Nothing Day!

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After a Thanksgiving day in which many workers were forced to work instead of having a holiday with their families, today is the traditional “Black Friday.” I posted a fake quote of the Buddha on my Facebook and Twitter feeds decrying Black Friday as a “bad idea.” While not a direct quote (I’m always shocked when we take these things too seriously), I feel pretty confident he would have agreed.

I like to shop as much as the next bourgeoisie Buddhist hipster from Brooklyn, but today feels like a good day to ask ourselves “if we have to engineer our economy to manipulate people into a shopping hysteria at certain key moments, shouldn’t we reconsider how we arrange our economy? Why does our sense of wealth have to be so constructed, and lack so much imagination?”

I am in full support of Adbusters’ Buy Nothing Day.

Do you like to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? No judgments. I’m just wondering where everyone is at on this issue.

Also, What Would Pope Francis Buy?

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2 thoughts on “Buy Nothing Day!

  1. I shopped once on Black Friday. It was insane and a really sad sight. But the reason I went is because I was buying an expensive electronic present for a friend that I couldn’t afford on regular price.

    I agree that its all a marketing scheme and refuse to go to stores on this day for 2 reasons 1. Our obsession with consumerism still a sad sight to see and 2. I simply don’t buy “big ticket” items for people anymore where the sales would motivate me.

    However, I know many parents that use the sales to shop for their children’s christmas gifts. But its such a vicious cycle, the culture the pushes their children toward expensive gifts, xmas driving demand, black friday supplying, and parents feeling they have to fulfill their wishes or they aren’t a good parent. As if not buying the latest game system erases their generosity from the entire year.

  2. I bought one item for myself off of Amazon, a digital purchase, that I have been waiting for to be marked down. Other than that my presents are either carefully thought out and executed throughout the year or I am hand-making presents for people. I don’t like feeding into the Black Friday madness and I really don’t like buying the shiny glamour gifts from commercialism just to be in the “in crowd”

    However I also come from this more in a christian sense of Christmas is suppose to be a family time and a time for thoughtful giving- not a time to “wow” the pants off of people by trying to get them the most expensive presents I can afford.

    Moderate spending and mindful planning.

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