Buddhists Can Dance. And, Um, Meditate

Dear Friends,

I hope Thanksgiving was wonderful for you, and your December is off to a good start. Here in NYC, Tomorrow’s Shambhala Dharma gathering is all about “Dealing with Family.” Also here in NYC, this Sunday evening The Interdependence Project will be celebrating our legendary annual Holiday Party and Fundraiser.

Really hope to see you there. And I also know that many of you are looking for opportunities to go deeper with practice. Two great opportunities are immediately below. I hope you have a wonderful holidays, and I hope as you look ahead to the new year practice and study are on the horizon.

With every best wish,


Residential Retreats and Immersion

Ethan’s Only Residential Retreat of 2014
Two Week Residential Retreat (Half-Dathun) – March 2014 Co-taught with Acharya Suzann Duquette
This is Ethan’s only retreat opportunity of 2014 as he finishes his next book, The Road Home. This retreat will be in a magical setting in Vermont, and a profound opportunity to deepen your practice and path, and recharge your personal batteries. Acharya Duquette is one of Ethan’s personal mentors, and a phenomenal dharma teacher! It is possible to attend for just one week.

March 6th-21st, 2014

Karmê Chöling Shambhala Meditation Center Barnet, Vermont
Register: http://www.karmecholing.org/program.php?id=5148

IDP’s 2014 Yearlong Immersion Training and Instructor Program
Application Deadline Jan 15, 2014 – Program Begins in February
Join this groundbreaking yearlong six weekend program to truly deepen your study and begin to guide others on the path of meditation

Online Courses and NYC Classes with Ethan (Returning January 14!)

Finding Your Path

This course is designed for students who are searching, or even struggling, to find the next steps in their Buddhist practice. We’ll provide tools to establish or re-establish meditation as a sustainable and even unshakeable (really!) daily habit, while demonstrating how to develop more than simple mindfulness of your experience, incorporating compassion, analytical and visualization techniques to enhance your life and the lives of others.  We’ll also discuss how to make study and contemplation of the Dharma an integral part of your routine, and how to include residential and non-residential meditation retreats to support your journey.  Whatever level of experience you have, we’ll conclude with a discussion of the next steps for your journey.

Weekly Readings will be drawn from a multi-lineage perspective, including many contemporary Buddhist teachers and thinkers.
Each student will be asked to keep a journal, charting her/his daily practice, and commit to developing meditation techniques and ethical practices.  This course is open to any level of student who feels like enough is enough, and 2014 is the year you finally decide to Find Your Path.

In Person Course Monday nights 7-9pm, January 13 – February 17, 2014
Online Course Download begins January 14
Details and Registration


Tuesday Nights at Shambhala NYC! 7-845pm – Details

A Great Public Talk Night to bring friends! Initial meditation instruction provided to anyone who is interested

Tomorrow, December 3: Dealing With Your Family  – Details
January 7: if you have a path, you don’t need a resolution


– The Pope Francis Fan Club, and Many new blog posts are available on the website,

Free Podcasts

-A New Recent Lecture is available. Download Here.

Private Students

 Ethan currently has room for a few new one-on-one dharma students for monthly sessions beginning January, which can take place in NYC or remotely via Skype.  Please email info@ethannichtern.com for more information.


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