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One City, Buddhism, Buddha, Ethan NichternOne City: A Declaration of Interdependence

A 21st Century Book on Buddhism, Life, and Our Completely Interconnected World


“One City is destined to be a modern spiritual classic. Ethan has a powerful voice and is at the forefront of the new generation of spiritual revolutionaries.”
Noah Levine, author of Dharma Punx and Against the Stream

“One City is a user-friendly guide to living a more meaningful life: one that honors our gifts and recognizes the ways in which we are inextricably connected. With each page, Ethan Nichtern unpacks the tenets of Buddhism and reminds us of our true, dazzling purpose. I will come back to these words again and again.”
Simran Sethi, NBC News Environmental Correspondent

One City comes to us as a trenchant and engaging call to an expanded awareness. Ethan Nichtern’s voice is fresh and compelling: Buddhism 3.0 meets the global consciousness movement.”
—Daniel Goleman, author of Social Intelligence

Your Emoticons Won’t Save You

A Short Novel With Poetry


“A charming  coming-to-maturity romp in the post-modern highly peopled American landscape, engaging the endlessly inter-connected relationships and talk. A very human endeavor.”
Anne Waldman, Author, Poet

Your Emoticons Won’t Save You is provocative, compelling, and somehow both timeless and totally right now. Let Ethan take you on this journey within and without.”
Sharon Salzberg, NY Times Bestselling Author

“Student, teacher, author, activist, and now poet–Ethan is changing the world one seed syllable at a time. He shares his path through this new work in a way that helps us locate our own.”
-Susan Piver, NY Times Bestselling Author

“Nichtern writes passionately and innovatively…His toolbox is deep and original…and his voice is resonant and refreshing.”
Courtney E. Martin, The American Prospect



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