Mindful Speech in the Internet Era

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The Buddhist tradition has many teachings about expressing ourselves skillfully and mindfully. I think these guidelines need to be updated for the Internet era.

Free Podcast Lecture: Fear is Your Best Frenemy via Shambhala Podcast

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Check out Ethan's new lecture on the Shambhala NYC Podcast, "Fear is Your Best Frenemy."

What is Tantra? New Podcast

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Via Shambhala NYC here is a lecture entitled "What is Tantra?" on the Meditation in the City Podcast.

Article on Tonglen Meditation in Shambhala Sun

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Friends, here is the article in pdf form on Tonglen meditation (compassion meditation) I contributed for the July 2014 issue of Shambhala Sun Magazine. Enjoy!

Teaching Sara Haines of ABC News about Meditation

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I had a fun time teaching Sara Haines of ABC News a little bit about mindfulness meditation this week. She was a good student, a fan of books by Pema Chodron and Matthieu Ricard.

Podcast: Career, Livelihood, and Dharma

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A new podcast lecture on Career, Dharma, and Right Livelihood by Ethan is up on Shambhala's podcast, "Meditation in The City." Apparently, people like it: Right livelihood podcast. Hit me right between the eyes. Thanks @ShambhalaNYC http://t.co/qrIUiPOwSO — Gerald Lee (@GEvolving) April 13, 2014

Fire Your Ninja Assassin

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Despite all of the teachings to the contrary, it still seems like most of us, even those of us with committed Dharma practices, still fall into the trap of trying to avoid, dissolve or destroy difficult emotions. It's not so much that we want to go to war with our own thoughts and emotions, it's more like we want to hire a ninja assassin to take our difficult thoughts in the middle of the night, to quietly slit the throat of our feelings when no one is watching.

Vogue Magazine Meditation Story

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Several months back I gave a few meditation lessons to Vogue magazine editor Sally Singer. No, it's not in the Kimye issue, I just can't get enough of that couple. :) Sally wrote an article about her meditation practice and our conversations about Buddhism in the modern world for Vogue.com. She compared me to both Paul Auster and Paul Rudd. I'll take it.

Meditators Make Better Lovers

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A new podcast of a talk Ethan gave entitled "Meditators Make Better Lovers" is available both on the iTunes podcast and the Shambhala NYC website. The talk is a few years old but we especially like this one about love relationships and heartbreak. Enjoy!

Dallas Sportscaster Dale Hansen Makes The Civil Rights Speech of the Year About Gay Football Player

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Recently, Missouri star lineman Michael Sam announced that he is gay, headed into the NFL draft later this year. This makes him the first openly gay player in the NFL. Apparently, his father had a really hard time with him coming out, which can't be easy for a young man to deal with. These kinds of stories make me sad, because if the Dharma has taught me anything, it's that we need to create a world where people feel comfortable being who we really are. This is the key to being awake and available in the present moment. Being safe in your own skin is prerequisite for truly benefiting others. And then someone sent me this clip from Dallas sports caster Dale Hansen. It's hands-down the most amazing civil rights speech I've seen in a while. Bravo, Mr. Hansen. I also love the critique of hypocrisy of those who want