Mad Max: Fury Road – A One Paragraph “Buddhist” Film Review

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If climate change really does destroy our society, the future historians who study us 1000 years from now are going to think that spending all our money making apocalyptic movies right before the sh-t hit the fan was quite a hilariously ironic choice.

Reality Sandwich: Interview About The Road Home, Ayahuasca, Jerry Seinfeld, and Cultural Translations of Buddhism

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I had a great time talking to Caroline Contillo about The Road Home and other things for the great website Reality Sandwich. We talked about a lot of things. Check it out if you get a chance!

Free Download of The Road Home – Just Answer This Question…

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Update! We got more responses than we have downloads within 10 minutes of posting this! Sorry we don't have any more download codes, but please check out the book and feel free to share your answer if you want to be in next week's blog post that we are creating. Not only is The Road Home available in hardcover and in all e-book formats, it is also available as an Audiobook from Because both James Earl Jones and Judi Dench were unavailable that week, I had to narrate the book myself. :) The folks at have given me a few free downloads of the audio book.  I would like to pass three of them onto you. Please just email us at Send a paragraph, a poem, or an image that describes the relationship between your meditation practice and your concept of "HOME." Any entries (short and sweet is best,

I Just Wanted To Say Thank You!

  Dear Friends, I just wanted to say thank you. Having just finished the East Coast stint of #TheRoadHome tour, it's been an amazing few weeks since the book's release. The hardcover version went into a 2nd printing about a week after publication, and the book has been Amazon's #1 New Release in Buddhism! People have emailed me with very kind words for the book from as far-flung places as France, Netherlands, Australia, Texas, California, Tennessee and...Brooklyn. News and upcoming events about The Road Home are below. And if you are planning to check out the book and haven't yet, it's available pretty much everywhere as a hardcover, ebook, or audio book. Again, thank you! Now on to the West Coast... Deep Bows, Ethan Book News Tricycle Magazine: Online Lecture and Retreat with Ethan: "Overcoming Spiritual Bypassing" Shambhala Sun: Published Excerpt of The Road Home Vice Interview: Ethan discusses The Road Home, the fragmentation of modern life, and

Are Millenials Really So Self-Obsessed? The Road Home Interviews in Vice, Business Insider and More

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It was quite an amazing first week for #TheRoadHome. We are already hearing from many folks who are loving the book. If you haven't gotten a copy, you can follow this link to order The Road Home as a hardcover, ebook, or audible download. A click the title above for a rundown of interviews from the first week of publication.

The Road Home Release Party Photos

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So that great launch for The Road Home.  #understatement I had to take shelter on Dan Harris' shoulder it was so overwhelming. I was totally blown away last night by how awesomely supportive everyone was. Thank you to each and every one of the 275 people who came to the release party at abc home. Thanks so much to abc home, thanks to my family,Thanks to Sharon Salzberg and Dan Harris, and thanks to all the folks who worked on the book at FSG and Lisa Weinert Consulting! It was so amazing. Just a few photos by photographer John Hutchison are below. And please let me know what you think of the book!

Meditation, Creative Process, And Battlestar Galactica: an FSG Interview about The Road Home with Maud Newton

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I had a great time discussing The Road Home, The Buddhist Path, the problem with always feeling stuck in commute and never arriving, myths around creative process in relation to meditation, and yes, even Battlestar Galactica with my friend Maud Newton. The interview is up on FSG's Work In Progress blog. Please check it out, and if you feel inspired, check out The Road Home when it comes out on Tuesday (this coming Tuesday, finally!).

Ethan Nichtern Interviews Dan Harris, Author of 10% Happier and ABC News Anchor, For The IDP Podcast

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This year, I will be having more conversations with incredible people for the Interdependence Project podcast at the intersection of mindfulness practice, dharma, and modern life. Recently, I was able to have an amazing interview with bestselling author and ABC News Anchor Dan Harris. Part one of The iTunes podcast link is here and the website link is here. You should just go ahead and subscribe to the podcast. :) Dan's book 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works is a hilarious and moving memoir of one skeptic's journey to mindfulness, and is among the best books I've read for cynics about dharma and meditation. I was able to sit down with Dan at IDP in the East Village a few months ago for a truly great dialogue on meditation, panic attacks, the mindfulness movement, and secular Buddhism. It was a really wonderful conversation. Please

Auspicious Graffiti

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I saw this last night and snapped this shot, also on my instagram feed. Only 11 Days until The Road Home is released!

My Interview with Novelist Ruth Ozeki on the Interdependence Project Podcast

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This year, I will be having more conversations with incredible people for the Interdependence Project podcast at the intersection of mindfulness practice, dharma, and modern life. Recently, I was able to have an amazing interview with bestselling novelist and zen priest Ruth Ozeki. The iTunes podcast link is here and the website link is here. Her novels  A Tale for the Time Being, My Year of Meats, and All Over Creation have won major awards and moved a huge group of people, myself included. I was able to sit down with her at IDP in the East Village for a truly great dialogue on writing, meditation, the internet era, the nature of time, magical realism and cyber-bullying, among many other things. For folks in the NY area, Ruth will be teaching a daylong writing retreat at Brooklyn Zen on Sunday, April 26. I'm sure, from spending time with her, that that