The Dharma of Dollars: An Interview with Reuters for

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A few days ago, I was interviewed by Chris Taylor of Reuters on "the Dharma of Money." The interview was picked up by Time. Here is the link to the interview. It was an interesting conversation, especially with the stock markets of the world whipsawing wildly these past weeks. I am increasingly interested in what traditions of contemplation and mindfulness have to say about how we place value on experiences, objects, and especially how we place value upon people, and how different people can be worth such incredibly different amounts of money. I would've liked to take the conversation much deeper, but at very least I think it's a conversation that spiritual people should dive into fully, never shying away from. After all, money is the energy that rules our world. Let's talk about it, and if someone says it's an inappropriate conversation, tell them you respectfully disagree. (this is a picture

Buddhist Film Review: Inside Out and Ex Machina – What is Consciousness?

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"Materialism is the belief that “consciousness” is unimportant, that the mind is reducible to the brain, and therefore that the path to happiness involves precise chemical manipulation. Materialists don’t believe in the importance of the mind itself and instead reduce life to the pursuit of pleasure." -From The Road Home: A Contemporary Exploration of The Buddhist Path  One central theme that I took on in The Road Home is that when we don't experience our own consciousness as the basic home of our experience, we fall prey to Materialism, the belief that everything is reducible to dead matter, that sentient beings are only chemical processes, not really "alive." With this in mind, I had the opportunity this weekend to watch two movies that each explore the nature of consciousness: Inside Out and Ex Machina. Both were highly touted by friends I respect, so it was a fun weekend for this Buddhist

The Road Home Named One of “10 Healthy Living Books To Read This Summer” By Vogue UK, Plus NY Times Article!

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All, The Road Home was just given a major shout-out by Vogue UK as one of "10 Healthy Living Books To Read This Summer." You can check out the article at the above link. Above are the book cover as it appears in North America (left) and as it appears in the UK (right). Also, in case you missed it, Ethan and his father David were recently featured in a NY Times article called "A Father And Son Embrace Meditation." That's all the good news for now.

Dealing With Emotions – 8 Week Summer Course with Ethan and Sharon Salzberg!

Dear Friends, On behalf of Ethan, who is on his way to speak at the Wanderlust festival about The Road Home, we wanted to make sure you knew about the awesome online course (downloads and discussion begin July 9) that Sharon Salzberg and Ethan will be teaching via The Interdependence Project this July and August, "Dealing with Emotions." Each week will offer meditations, tools, and Buddhist teachings on one key human emotion Again, these courses can be taken at your own pace once you download each lecture. See other news below. All best wishes, Robby Caplan (Ethan's assistant) Dealing with Emotions - An 8 Week Online Only Class with Ethan Nichtern & Sharon Salzberg Sign Up and More Info Here! This course is only available online. Audio lectures will be posted online each Thursday no later than 7pm. The recordings are in mp3 format and may be streamed from the website or downloaded

A Buddhist View on Kalief Browder, and McKinney, Texas

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I came home from a wonderful stretch discussing The Road Home in Colorado and Texas to read the story of Kalief Browder's suicide and to watch a hard-to-stomach video of a white police officer going absolutely bonkers (not in a good way) on African American children at a pool party in Mckinney, Texas. Since I was in Texas when it occurred, and because the incident involved the nostalgic memory of kids at a summertime pool party, the latter struck me even more closely, somehow. Both stories demonstrate the deeply institionalized racism of our society and legal systems. We can see some of Kalief Browder's treatment here (held for three years at Riker's Island without any charge of a crime, mostly in solitary confinement, later to commit suicide), and we can also watch how an officer engages in insanely transparent racism against a group of unarmed kids. But we can also develop compassion,

Updates, Interviews, and News

Dear Friends, The Road Home book tour continues tonight (Wed June 3) in Denver, tomorrow night (Thurs June 4) in Boulder, and Friday (June 5) in Austin, TX. Again, the book is now available in hardcover at both chain and independent bookstores, in all ebook formats, and as an audio book via I am so thankful for all the kind emails I have received about the book, as well as all the kind feedback left on sites like Goodreads, Amazon, and others. Thank you for reading, for your kind words (and the occasional insightful critique, as well!) Also, I will be coleading another summer online course with the fabulous Sharon Salzberg in July. The topic: Dealing with Emotions. Each week Sharon and I will tackle one key emotion (like Fear, Desire, Grief, and Anger), with contemplative tools, meditation practices, and both traditional and modern insights into working with it. Hope you can join. All best wishes as your summer

Mad Max: Fury Road – A One Paragraph “Buddhist” Film Review

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If climate change really does destroy our society, the future historians who study us 1000 years from now are going to think that spending all our money making apocalyptic movies right before the sh-t hit the fan was quite a hilariously ironic choice.

Reality Sandwich: Interview About The Road Home, Ayahuasca, Jerry Seinfeld, and Cultural Translations of Buddhism

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I had a great time talking to Caroline Contillo about The Road Home and other things for the great website Reality Sandwich. We talked about a lot of things. Check it out if you get a chance!

Free Download of The Road Home – Just Answer This Question…

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Update! We got more responses than we have downloads within 10 minutes of posting this! Sorry we don't have any more download codes, but please check out the book and feel free to share your answer if you want to be in next week's blog post that we are creating. Not only is The Road Home available in hardcover and in all e-book formats, it is also available as an Audiobook from Because both James Earl Jones and Judi Dench were unavailable that week, I had to narrate the book myself. :) The folks at have given me a few free downloads of the audio book.  I would like to pass three of them onto you. Please just email us at Send a paragraph, a poem, or an image that describes the relationship between your meditation practice and your concept of "HOME." Any entries (short and sweet is best,

I Just Wanted To Say Thank You!

  Dear Friends, I just wanted to say thank you. Having just finished the East Coast stint of #TheRoadHome tour, it's been an amazing few weeks since the book's release. The hardcover version went into a 2nd printing about a week after publication, and the book has been Amazon's #1 New Release in Buddhism! People have emailed me with very kind words for the book from as far-flung places as France, Netherlands, Australia, Texas, California, Tennessee and...Brooklyn. News and upcoming events about The Road Home are below. And if you are planning to check out the book and haven't yet, it's available pretty much everywhere as a hardcover, ebook, or audio book. Again, thank you! Now on to the West Coast... Deep Bows, Ethan Book News Tricycle Magazine: Online Lecture and Retreat with Ethan: "Overcoming Spiritual Bypassing" Shambhala Sun: Published Excerpt of The Road Home Vice Interview: Ethan discusses The Road Home, the fragmentation of modern life, and