An AMAZING Story: Antoinette Tuff and Fearlessness

The amazing and heroic story of Antoinette Tuff talking down a potential mass murderer in an Atlanta elementary school yesterday has reached my inbox and social network many many times today. It seems to particularly have touched the heartstrings of those who feel connected with basic goodness and Buddha nature because of the exact manner in which Ms. Tuff talked a potential mass murderer down from the proverbial ledge of insane violence. She related to his humanity and got him to relate to hers. It’s really an amazing story, and deeply reaffirms my faith in the basic goodness of human beings. Here’s a petition from my friend to award her the President’s Citizens Medal. I signed it. I hope

However, I also think there is a simple answer on the policy level here. We simply don’t need AK-47s to be legal for citizens, no matter what the NRA says. Basic Goodness doesn’t just mean we show bravery in the face of insane violence. It also means we take reasonable steps to make violence less likely to begin with. (photo via

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